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Marcato Pasta Gnocchi

SKU: MR-0915

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Built with the same care we put into the production of our Pasta Machines, these 10 attachments are for use with the ATLAS 150 and ATLAS MOTOR and give you the possibility of making a large variety of Italian Pasta Shapes. Some of these can be used with the PASTADRIVE Motor Unit; others, for safety reasons, must be used only with the Handle supplied with the MARCATO Pasta Machines.

Making lots of ravioli in a very short time has now become easier

With these two new attachments for Atlas 150, it is no longer necessary to trim the dough sheet to a narrower size, instead it is used in its entire width, saving time and increasing productivity (more ravioli with every turn of the handle). In addition, the new design of the forming roller guarantees that the ravioli are perfectly sealed on all four sides, assuring excellent results every time.

The new hopper and the small spoon supplied prevent excess filling from unnecessarily soiling the unit, so that very little cleaning is needed after use. It has truly never been so easy to make ravioli at home, because these new machines have been designed by those who wish to put all their experience at your disposal so that you can feel the joy of making gourmet cuisine with very little effort.

This picture sequence briefly illustrates how our ravioli machines operate. Included in the box is a 24 page booklet with color photos, detailed instructions in various languages and some Italian recipes. The attachment is supplied in a sturdy, 5 color lithographed box.

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Treasures for Life! (Prices in CAN$)
Shipped out from Champlain N.Y./ Gatineau ,Quebec
Serving, QC USA -
Ph: 1-347-779-9685
e-mail: Sales@CookingTreasures.com

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PastaDRIVE motor only

Sale Price: CAD$99.99 / 1
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Atlas 150mm Pasta Machine + FREE Spaghetti Attach.
MARCATO ITALY - Special Promo

Sale Price: CAD$99.99 / 1
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Atlas 150 mm Pasta Machine

Sale Price: CAD$94.99 / 1
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